Recent Work

Talent Unleashed Book Cover

West Valley, UT — A client came to me with a unique request for a cool book cover concept they were working on. They had a very well defined vision in their mind and were very specific about exactly what they wanted. They asked me to photograph a match just barely catching fire, surrounded by a bunch of other matches, but before all the other matches also go up in flames. The constant variety and unique challenges is one of the things I love most about this job, so I accepted the challenge. So after a lot of experimentation, this image was shot in a single, unedited frame. I didn't want to composite multiple frames or "fake it". So it was quite rewarding to see this image on the viewfinder with the flame just perfect.

Police Department Band of Brothers

Centerville, UT — With the goal of increasing moral among their ranks, a local police department hired us to create hero shots of their officers. The images were a huge hit, so they printed larger-than-life floor-to-ceiling graphics and put them up around the police department.

Park City Community

Park City, UT — The developer of a large upscale residential development in Park City hired us to photograph the community for use in their various advertising.

Recreational Vehicle Enclosures

Midvale, UT — A local shop needed photos of their custom vehicle enclosures for boats and offroad vehicles, so they turned to Jacom Stephens Photography. The images have been used in brochures, sales sheets, tradeshow graphics and other marketing materials.

Wee Care Pediatrics Lifestyle Images

Syracuse, UT — Photos of Wee Care Pediatrics' doctors interacting with patients in typical scenarios for their recruitment materials.

Industrial Truck Rental Photos

Architectural Hero Shots for Homebuilder

Kaysville, UT — For the launch of their Hill Farms community, Destination Homes hired Jacom to photograph their decorated model homes. These images will be used on billboards along I-15 in the coming months as well as various other advertising materials.

Corporate Training Video Stills

Ogden, UT — Recently we've been hired to work on quite a few film sets, both locally and internationally. These have been fairly large scale productions with budgets as high as seven million dollars.

We've been tasked with capturing stills of corporate training videos for use in product packaging, marketing materials, participant guides, workbooks, etc.

Because of the amount of planning and expense that goes into these productions (travel, lodging, location fees, permits, talent, wardrobe, hair and makeup, props, set design, lighting, kraft services, etc.), it is extremely efficient, both financially and time-wise, to capture stills during the filming process.

It also ensures that the support materials reflect the actual product accurately, while maintaining maximum quality for use in large scale printed materials such as posters or billboards.