Adventure Gallery

climbing rope
Prayer Flag sentinel
Patagonia laughter
Kala Pathar breather
Red Fox coats at Amadablam
Cotopaxi sat phone
Jeep friends
hiker map flare
hiker summit
filtering water
campfire family
hiking silhouette
frisbee couple
boating friends
boating jump
Scuba diving
cave exploring
scuba techy dive tables
jet ski chase
climber portrait
speed flying
Soloman cross country skiing
snowmobile jump
hiking bag in snow
snow shoeing
snowmobiling zoom by
football crowd cheering
football portrait
boxer in the ring
football celebration
soccer kick
cycling group
cyclist isolated
running in Shanghai
walking on salt flats
fitness girl lifing weights
runner in bleachers
kickboxing girl
runner on salt flats
girl curling weights
girl in ferns
Bruno race uniform
motorcycle friends motion blur
Race car helmet
F4 race car
ATV desert racing
NSX motion blur

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Ordinary people in everyday situations


Thrill seekers pushing the limits


Hard working craftsman getting it done


Residential or commercial buildings and details

  • All Metals Fabrication


    "A picture is worth a thousand words. We have all heard the cliché too many times, so I have a better version: 'a picture is worth a million dollars'. I literally was able to close a million dollar job with a brand new customer four time zones away because of my photo portfolio, showcasing past work. Jacom Stephens has been the go-to source for our buiness—his pictures really do speak thousands of words, and even better, generate millions of dollars in work."

  • Toico Industries


    "Jacom Stephens is very responsive, takes a vested interest in our success, and he is proactive about suggesting solutions for our needs. I wouldn't still be using him nineteen years later if I didn't trust him and see a tangible return on my investment. I'm glad I have Jacom on my team."

  • Westminster Village


    "Jacom is truly a professional and incredibly talented photographer in every sense. He kept coming up with ideas that connected with the residents in a very profound and real way. Just look at the images and you’ll see the true essence of who these remarkable people really are – Jacom was able to pull these emotions out. The results far exceeded our expectations, and in only a short time this investment has more than paid for itself."

  • Imagine Dragons


    "These turned out FANTASTIC! Can't thank you enough for taking the time and energy to be a part of this. It was a really special night."

  • Ground Level Design


    "I do a ton of live concert marketing and the live images provided by management or the artist always suck. In most cases, I'm relegated to use only the least worst images. But these pics, my friend, are stellar! You nailed it!"

  • Denver Police Department


    "Jacom not only gained our trust, respect, and friendship, he created and produced the most amazing images. Our entire department is so proud of this professional and honest representation — the posters and marketing materials that we are producing are making a tremendous difference in communicating the honor of our organization."

  • Destination Homes


    "Our photoshoot with Jacom was fantastic! He was extremely efficient and collaborative. He's great at getting the best out of the talent he's shooting, whether they are small children or mature adults. The finished product exceeded our expectations."

  • Signature Hood Design


    "Jacom Stephens Photography has always exceeded our expectations and I do not hesitate to recommend their services to others."