Recent Work

Kenwood Police Radio Images

Phoenix, AZ — For the past couple of years as part of an ongoing project for Kenwood's communications division, Jacom has been traveling around North America shooting images of industrial and professional people in various different vertical markets using Kenwood's two-way radios in real world scenarios.

In addition to these most recent law enforcement photos, some of the other markets Jacom has provided imagery for include emergency medical services (EMS), firefighting, manufacturing, warehousing, logging, trucking, search and rescue, hotel and hospitality, event security, etc.

Brighton Ski Resort Lifestyle Images

Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT — This past winter, Brighton Ski Resort contacted Jacom to develop images for next year's advertising materials. Their marketing manager explained that they already had sufficient action shots of people skiing fresh powder and snowboarding in the terrain park.

What they really needed was "smiley happy people" lifestyle images of families and friends laughing and just enjoying the experience, as well as scenic panoramic shots of the resort and surrounding mountains.

These images will be used in the 2013/2014 season marketing materials (mailers, trail map, billboards, etc.).

Dining Lifestyle Images for Rodizio Grill

Salt Lake City, UT — Rodizio Grill is an amazing brazilian steakhouse restaurant with locations in ten states across the nation, and is currently growing at a rate of approximately one new location per month.

To support this tremendous growth, Rodizio Grill corporate hired Jacom Stephens to photograph more lifestyle images of people dining at their restaurant to refresh their image library.

These images will be used by their franchisees across the country in their advertising and marketing materials including billboards, magazine ads, etc.

Retail Christmas Images

Nashville, TN — New images of Santa Claus and people shopping for the holidays for various malls and retail centers across the country.

Architectural Metalwork Portfolio Images

Various locations across northern Utah — New marketing images for a long-term client that designs, fabricates, and installs metal and composite items such as handrails, cupolas, wall panels, exterior window shade awnings, column wraps, industrial kitchen hoods, stainless steel counter tops, etc.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. We have all heard the cliché too many times, so I have a better version: ‘a picture is worth a million dollars’. I literally was able to close a million dollar job with a brand new customer four time zones away because of my photo portfolio, showcasing past work. Jacom Stephens has been the go-to source for us—his pictures really do speak thousands of words, and even better, generate millions of dollars in work for our business.”

Yoga and Fitness Clothing

Phoenix, AZ — What do you do when it's late autumn and you need summertime marketing images for your upcoming clothing catalog? Why you go south, of course.

Independent Living Facility

Scottsdale, AZ — Marketing photos for a luxurious 5-star multi-million dollar independent living facility in Scottsdale. Images to be used in brochure, sales sheets, website, and other marketing materials.

Corporate Jet Marketing Images

Nashville, TN — New images for an airplane charter company's marketing materials. We photographed five different planes and their employees in various situations and will be going out again in a couple of months to create more images for one of their vertical markets: medical organ transport.